$tand By Me® is a coalition of community partners, led by the State of Delaware and United Way of Delaware.


Launched in 2011 in New Castle County, the organization now offers services statewide. Our mission is to provide Delawareans with a personal financial coach and a toolkit to navigate the challenges leading to personal financial security.

Together, we are working toward the greater good of our state by providing free one-on-one coaching in partnership with hundreds of community partners, including employers, educational institutions, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our partners are involved with the program’s strategy as well as its implementation.

$tand By Me’s overall approach is to conduct targeted outreach to multiple markets in order to achieve the greatest impact. All of these initiatives involve the support and participation of numerous partners who promote, host, and implement program operations in collaboration with $tand By Me. These include:

  • Financial Wellness in the Workplace: Serves as an employee benefit promoting financial wellness.
  • College Funding Project: Helps navigate the financial maze leading to post-secondary education. A partnership with the Delaware Office of Higher Education, school districts, and high schools to reduce the fear and mystery surrounding funding a post-secondary education.
  • College Student Partnership: Works on Delaware Technical Community College and Wilmington University campuses statewide to help college students develop and implement a plan to pay for college and life simultaneously, with a goal of degree attainment.
  • $BM 50+: Helps older Delawareans approaching or in retirement to maneuver the wide variety of benefits and financial strategies in order to increase financial stability on a fixed income.
  • $BM Hispano: Works in Spanish to help Hispanic immigrants and residents with their unique financial challenges, and help them become financial service customers in America.
  • Financial Empowerment for Childcare Centers and Families: Working in collaboration with staff and families served, $BM provides targeted services to the industry and low-income families with children in childcare.
  • FinanceAbility: Partnership with ServiceSource to provide financial coaching and financial education for adults with disabilities who are entering or already in the workforce.
  • Adults in Workforce Development: Partnership with adult education programs at Vo-Tech high schools, Delaware WONDER, and the Department of Labor’s One-Stop System to reach Delawareans in workforce development programs. Financial coaching and financial literacy will be embedded into the curriculum to support adults who are preparing for new careers through skills development.
  • Kiss Your Landlord Goodbye: Works with aspiring homeowners to improve their ability to achieve homeownership by increasing their credit scores, reducing debt, and establishing the income and savings needed to maintain a home. This program is a partnership with the Delaware State Housing Authority and the Federation of Housing Counselors.

All of these campaigns involve the support and participation of numerous partners who promote, host, and implement program operations in collaboration with $tand By Me.