Mark is an older gentleman with some health issues who was referred by a State Service Center champion after receiving assistance. A self-described connoisseur of all classical music, Mark is a pianist, and plays for several churches in the tri-state area.

During our first meeting, Mark expressed feeling lost, scattered, and frustrated with his finances. He hadn’t filed his taxes in three years, his house need major repairs, he had credit card debt, and his contract work wasn’t a consistent source of income. He had some disposable income from a pension, SSI and his contract work, and had developed a monthly budget.

Since we started working together last December, he’s had many successes. His taxes have been filed and he used his refund to pay off some major debt. His mortgage is current, and he applied for a home repair loan. He now organizes his bills in order to keep track of payments, and has had consistent contract work which has allowed him to save money and get life insurance. I am very proud of him! Mark said, “Honestly, $tand By Me saved my life! My coach listens to me, doesn’t tell me what to do, keeps me organized, and when I forget something she remembers.”ear!