New Coach Offers Customer Support and a Solid Start

I met with a customer who needed help getting his finances in order. He came to our first meeting with high expectations and wanted help to achieve his objectives of living on a realistic budget, improving his credit report, and setting financial goals. While I pulled a copy of his credit report, his heart was pounding because he thought his report wouldn’t be good.

He was surprised and literally jumped out of his seat when he saw his credit rating was 687. As we continued to view his credit report, he noticed two items listed on his report that he did not recognize. I explained how to dispute the items on his report, and he agreed to follow up after our meeting. He was excited about our program because it gave him a new start on life.

Our meeting went so well, he called his girlfriend from work to stop by the Dover Public library to meet his new financial coach! He feels like he has a buddy now to help him succeed. Since our last meeting he has contacted all three credit bureau agencies and disputed both items. There’s a lot more to do, but he got off to a great start.