My greatest success story was helping an individual achieve her goal of retirement at age 62.

When Christine first met me in July 2013 she had a goal of retiring by her 62nd birthday, only five months away. She wanted to implement a plan that would boost her poor credit, develop a monthly budget, and begin to save.

We met monthly and Christine was diligent about following through with suggestions to help reduce her debt, improve her credit, and open a savings account. Christine was able to retire by her target date and now has more disposable income retired than when she was working full time.

She has money directly deposited into her first savings account each month from her SSI check. She is thrilled.

Nanci Glindmyer is a Financial Coach at Delaware Technical Community College – Owens Campus in Georgetown, at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford and at Goodwill Job Resource Center in Bridgeville. She brings 35 years of experience in banking, finance and customer service to the position.