One of the customers I’ve been working with is Kristina, a single mother with a 2-year-old son.When we met, she wasn’t receiving regular child support payments and had moved back in withher mother as she continued to work and attend graduate school. Her financial goal was to save money and build her credit so she could get her own apartment.

Kristina embraced the spending plan we developed together, and was able to cut down onexpenses like dining out. She had an outstanding furniture loan that was hurting her credit score, so she focused on paying off that bill over several months. She was also able to get her student loans put into deferment. Over the past six months, she has increased her credit score by 62 points.

Kristina has also started saving money, and with her improved financial management skills, was able to afford the security deposit for an apartment. Through an employee discount program, she got a lease for a two-bedroom apartment where she and her son now live. Now she’s looking forward to her next big accomplishment, graduating this May. After setting up a budget and finding ways to save with the help of $tand By Me, she’s determined to reach her next goal: homeownership.