So what does financial empowerment look like? Our client Iswedcy de Jesús can explain.

Iswedcy de Jesús thought she was doing well by paying all her expenses in cash. The immigrant from the Dominican Republic has always preferred to purchase or consume only what she could actually pay for out of pocket.

She didn’t realize that to build wealth in the United States, she also needed to build a credit history. That’s when José Martinez, a $tand By Me® coach, came into the picture. Within a few months, the 36-year-old de Jesus received a $500 loan, which she paid off in three installments.

Then the credit card offers started to arrive.

“José warned me that once I proved I could handle credit, I would get a lot of offers,” she says. “But he also warned me not to open multiple accounts at once because that could hurt my credit.”

Now with an established history, she is working toward her next big goal in asset building – buying a home!