$tand By Me hosts TEDx summit on financial empowerment

$tand By Me partnered with TEDxWilmington to host a Financial Empowerment Summit on September 12, 2017 in the Gold Ballroom at Hotel du Pont in Wilmington.
The event featured speakers who are involved in groundbreaking work in the field of personal financial security. Below are their TEDx talks.

Financial Health is Public Health
Dr. Kara Walker

The 3 C’s of Financial Grit
Irene Lee & Whitney Williams

Financial Wellness Use of a Financial Coach
Mark A. LoGiudice

Financial Empowerment and Neighborhood Revitalization
Kevin Gilmore

Steady Jobs Don’t Mean Steady Pay
Jonathan Morduch

Courage vs. Racial Wealth Gap
Alexandra Bastien

Building Talent: Delaware’s College-Career Model
Shana Payne & Luke Rhine

Financial Empowerment Leading to Homeownership
Denise Freeman

Latinos Overcoming Barriers Toward Financial Empowerment
Javier G. Torrijos

No More Grandmas Eating Cat Food
Susan Getman & Anna Maria Chavez