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Yes, you can pay for college! We’ll show you how.

Most students and families find that applying for college and financial aid can be overwhelming. $tand By Me has partnered with the Delaware Higher Education Office to ensure that all high school seniors have a funding strategy to pay for college. Every high school in the state has access to our team and to hands-on workshops on scholarships, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and student load debt.

In partnership with the Delaware Department of Education, $tand By Me provided 218 workshops to 6,798 families during the 2018-2019 school year.

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Surf this website for resources to help you develop your own college funding plan. Attend one of our Paying for College workshops. You can also:


Find information to help you successfully support young people in their pursuit of higher education. Among those resources on this website are:

See what program participants say.

Financial Aid Presentation: “There was a wealth of information!”
Scholarship Presentation: “She was great with everyone. Highly recommended!”
Financial Aid Presentation: “I really learned more.”

Financial Aid Presentation: “I will really use this resource.”

Financial Aid Presentation: “A great opportunity!”
Financial Aid Presentation: “Very clearly presented, and so knowledgeable. I’m glad I attended!”
Financial Aid Presentation: “Presentation was EXCELLENT!”
Scholarship Presentation: “I will most definitely use this information.”
Scholarship Presentation: “Very well presented.”
Scholarship Presentation: “Really informative.”
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