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You Can Improve Your Credit Score, Buy a Home and/or Send Your Kids To College!

Get free, private, one-on-one financial coaching from trained, skilled professionals who help you achieve your goals. Our coaches can assist you by phone or video conference.

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Improve your credit score

Get free credit reports from three credit bureaus. Learn how to improve your score.

Increase your savings

Work with your coach to develop a plan to balance your income and expenses. Start saving towards your financial goals.

Access financial services

Access consumer-friendly alternatives to payday-loans. Discover credit-builder loans,mortgages, and interest-bearing savings accounts.

Pay for college AND receive financial aid

Get help with financial planning for college education, financial aid, scholarships, FAFSA and student loans. Read more

Become a Homeowner

A Stand By Me coach can help you become credit worthy and mortgage qualified. Read more

Start or expand your business

Navigate the bureaucratic and legal maze of business ownership. Earn business certifications and learn how to access business financing and resources. Read more

Since 2011, Stand By Me has helped Delawareans

Reach their financial goals


Improve credit scores on average by



Saved more than



Reduce personal debt by more than



They’ve reached their goals. So can you!

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