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Stand by Me’s support of the financial health and well being of the community goes beyond our coaching services. We are also committed to providing current and accurate information of value to the community.We’ve created three primary ways to provide this content:

Stand by Me Podcast series

The Stand By Me podcast series is an ongoing effort to provide valuable information to the community in an engaging way. Each 15-20 minute program includes information about aspects of the program, important financial topics (budgeting, saving for a home, debt management, etc.), profiles of Stand By Me implementation partners and the work they’re doing in the community and their businesses, stories of customers, and interviews with Stand By Me staff. Our vision is that this podcast will inform, educate and engage Delawareans at this time of great need, and beyond. View page >

COVID-19 resources

With the long-term implications of the COVID-19 crisis only now coming into focus, Delawareans are looking for ways to strengthen their financial situations in order to weather the sudden and sweeping changes rocking their lives. Visit our COVID-19 Tips & Tools page here for frequent updates regarding financial resources that have recently become available. View page >

Other valuable information

In addition to the above, we’ve compiled a list of valuable and informative information on a number of topics, including budgeting and saving, credit and debt, auto loans, mortgages, student debt, technical training, financial and housing assistance, and more.

Finally, please be sure to follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information on the Stand By Me – https://www.facebook.com/StandByMeDelaware/.

General Resources and Tools:

CFPB Guide to Adult Financial Education Tools

Credit and Debt:

Using Credit Scores and Reports as Financial Coaching Tools (Part 1)
Using Credit Scores and Reports as Financial Coaching Tools (Part 2)
Using Credit Scores and Reports as Financial Coaching Tools (Part 3)
Reading a Credit Report and Designing a Debt Action Plan
Understanding Credit Reports and Scores
Debt Collection Resources
Credit Freezes, Credit Scores, and Identity Theft
Credit Freezes, Credit Scores, and Identity Theft
Find the Best Credit Card For You
How to Rebuild Your Credit
Debt Collection Sample Letters
Know Your Rights if a Debt Collector Calls
Debt Snowball and Avalanche

Auto Loans:

Comparing Auto Loans Worksheet

Budget and Savings:

Ready to Buy a Home

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