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Coaching services in Spanish that meet Latinos’ financial and cultural needs.

Stand By Me Hispano addresses needs of Latinos, such as sharing living costs with other families, transferring money home, navigating the U.S. financial industry, and avoiding scams and abusive financial services. By turning to one of Stand by Me’s personal financial coaches, you can face the challenges of everyday life and achieve financial well-being. This service is free and strictly confidential.

Financial security begins with a personal financial coach.

 Standbymede_tand_By_Me_Hispano_02Financial coaching is a personal and confidential relationship between a knowledgeable financial coach and you. Your meeting will be scheduled for a time and place that is convenient for you. Stand By Me Hispano offers personalized financial advice in Spanish to help individuals and couples overcome their personal financial challenges, set goals and achieve their dreams.

Stand By Me Hispano also offers financial management workshops called “Mind Over Money,” to help you manage your money, navigate the U.S. financial system, avoid predatory financial services, and improve your credit score. Workshops are given in English and/or Spanish under a partnership with the Delaware Department of Education and its English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for adults.

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