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Program Description and Goals

Stand By Me : NexGen’s College, Careers, and Cash program offers interconnected financial empowerment instruction that builds a continuum of financial literacy education for high school students in 9th and 10th grade that will successfully put them on the pathway to post-secondary education and careers. These custom-designed curricula consist of interactive and engaging classroom workshops to help students understand the connection between making good career and financial decisions and being successful, independent adult consumers.

The program goals for CCC are as follows:

  1. Connect the dots between career pathways, post-secondary education, and lifestyle
  2. Integrate financial literacy into existing school curriculum to build an understanding of how much money is needed to support lifestyle goals
  3. Demonstrate the connections between higher education and career opportunities
  4. Build a continuum for high school students starting in 9th grade that puts them on the pathway to post-secondary education
  5. Engage school faculty, staff, and administration to work in partnership with this project
  • Take the first step toward peace of mind and financial control. Meet with a personal financial coach.

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